Specifications – Durban Modular Railroaders

General Guidelines:

  1. The main objects of Durban Modular Railroaders are to stimulate interest in the construction and operating of model railroads, to improve the knowledge and skills of railroad modellers and to raise standards within the hobby.
  2. The group operates on an informal basis with decisions normally being taken by consensus.
  3. The procedures for dealing with new members is an execption to the general guideline in 2. Any individual is eligible to join the group. However, membership is only granted following a secret ballot during which the aspirant obtains a majority of votes in favour of his admittance.
  4. Membership entitles the ownership of a module, adherance to the prescibed specifications (copies attached to the PDF link below) to the satisfaction of the remaining members and reasonable attendance at planning and operating sessions.

Durban Modular Railroaders Specifications