Sandstone Heritage Trust

Sandstone Estates (Pty) Ltd was formed with the initial R910 000 purchase of farms near Ficksburg in the Eastern Free State in 1995. The farms totalled 407.153 hectares of farmland which had been owned by the Wille Family since the 1830s. Substantial investments have subsequently been made to acquire surrounding farms, and has seen the total farming area expanded to 7300 hectares, currently valued at R87.6m. Further expansion opportunities are constantly being sought.

The original set of farms contained a large number of vintage agricultural items such as tractors and agricultural machinery resulting in the formation of the Heritage Division — Sandstone Heritage Trust — to conserve, preserve and restore these Heritage assets. This then presented a tourism business opportunity.

Now, 20 years later, with its own private 2ft Narrow Gauge Railway system, Sandstone Estates has become a unique Heritage destination, recognised both locally and internationally as being one of the best in the world.

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