Hello and Welcome

This website is about Model Railways, a subject about which I have been passionate as a layout builder and collector for the last 65 years. My interests include live steam in 16mm scale, HO, HOn3, OO Hornby Dublo and LGB.

The North Star Railway is a dual gauge 32mm and 45mm track under construction in my garden.

While I am happy to act as webmaster, to a large extent the success of the website will depend on participation by model railway hobbyists so please send in the blogs!

My Objective

As in the USA and UK, the internet and electronic toys have made it difficult for traditional model railway retailers to survive. Attempts to host model railway conventions in Durban and Cape Town have aborted primarily on cost considerations. Yet exhibitions in Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg have been well supported by the public (particularly the younger generation) so the interest is there.

In order to promote the hobby and to foster communication between interested individuals, primarily but not exclusively in the Durban area, I have been writing a monthly newsletter for a number of years – the North Star Chronicles. This was being hosted by Justin Shaw (thank you Justin) who has been out of the country for some time. In order to take the load off his shoulders and widen the scope of the communication process a decision was made to create my own website. As will be noted this is still a work in progress!