Highway Model Railway Club

The roots of this club stretch back 35 years to the formation of Durban Modular Railroaders. This is covered in another section of this website.
Following DMR’s loss of permanent premises another HO modular club in the form of Roving Rails was established. Eventually the members of this club went their separate ways but as with DMR the modules of Roving Rails remained in existence. Permanent premises for a model railway club become available at the beginning of 2017 and it was decided to erect the ex Roving Rails modules and to the extent possible the ex DMR modules there. One major change from the previous arrangements in that whereas both DMR and Roving Rails were informal clubs, the Highway Model Railway Club (HMRC) has a formal structure with a constitution, There is a number of reasons for this. The main one of these is that we are living in an increasingly regulated society. It is difficult for a club to open and maintain a bank account without a constitution (FICA).
In addition to having its own financial resources, for many years DMR was custodian of the cash used to finance exhibitions and conventions. The decision was made to place these arrangements on a formal footing by the HMRC having a constitution. This has facilitated satisfying the KYC (know your client) arrangements for banks and insurance companies.
The HMRC has therefore taken over the custodian arrangements for the money available for exhibition and convention prefunding. In the event non members of the club wish to organise such an exhibition or convention, subject to the organisers presenting a sound business plan and providing satisfactory security to the club, funds will be loaned from the club to finance the event.
Experience has showed that clubs such as DMR and Roving Rails can operate well without the formalities associated with having a constitution – committees etc. It has now become necessary to move into a different world especially as there is cash to administer. As stated above HMRC’s initial project was to re-erect the Roving Rails and DMR  modules to provide a facility for operating a HO North American prototype railway. In addition to the re-erected HO modules the club premises host a stand-alone HOn3 layout. Further projects in Lionel, 16mm, and Gauge 1/G scale are planned.
HMRC shares premises with the North Star Railway. Anyone interested in becoming involved should make contact via northstarrailway@gmail.com or phone me on 031 7670555 or 0826535642.