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North Star Railway

The North Star Railway is a dual gauge – 32mm and 45mm ground level model railway under construction in my garden. When track laying is complete the line will circle the house.
The track is code 200 Tenmille bullhead rail on Tenmille plastic UV treated sleepers. Articles describing the building and laying of the track can be viewed in Volume 2 no 10 – October 2014 and Volume 3 no 11 – November 2015 of the above North Star Chronicles.
Live steam, mainly gas fired, is used to power the locos on the 32mm track which is not electrified. The prototypes on which the models are based are mainly British and American locos which either still do or used to run on 2 foot and 3 foot narrow gauge track.
The outer 45mm gauge is powered and mainly LGB locos with decoders run on this track.
The main challenge still to be overcome is the building of dual gauge points.